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Our Vision

Here at Borderflow our vision is a world without borders, fluid flow of goods to their destination with absolute compliance. We believe in "outside the box" approaches and excel in providing innovative solutions. We will ensure you're meeting all legal requirements of international trade while building trust with Government Agencies and staying competitive in the ever-changing world of customs and trade.

We will take the time to understand your business, your current situation and need for growth or expansion in the future. We will identify any compliance gaps or improvement areas then present modern and efficient solutions that will streamline the customs and border process.


International trade is a vital component of business today. When it comes to shipping and receiving goods across borders without disruptions, it takes planning and a proactive approach that we can provide.

Contact us for a consultation of your Canadian, US or Global business. A non-invasive review of your transactions could result in many benefits. We have saved clients in the past up to 97% on their border fees.  Let us help you improve your operations or get set-up for trade today.