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No NAFTA, No Problem: Free Trade is Possible Without NAFTA

May 7, 2018

Kitchener, ON-A world of free trade possibilities exist outside of NAFTA, yet these opportunities have largely been missing from discussions surrounding renegotiation.

“Sometimes, NAFTA doesn’t even make my short list of recommendations for strategic free trade,” says Chelsie Millar, Customs Consultant with Borderflow Inc. of Kitchener. Ahead of the Greater KW Chamber of Commerce Manufacturing Summit on May 10, Millar wants to remind and reassure businesses there are provisions, orders and customs programs that offer similar benefits to NAFTA, regardless of how that agreement is redefined.


For example, Both Canada and the United States offer Special Classification Provisions to eliminate duty entirely, the same duty relief NAFTA provides. While, these provisions are specific to certain import circumstances or end-use of a product after it’s been imported, they can be applied to many industries, including the auto sector, for instance. “Nearly all parts and machinery for automotive manufacturing can be imported into Canada duty free under these provisions,” confirms Millar, whose expertise includes extensive experience in customs management for this industry. 


Millar’s key point: Knowing your options can ease apprehension about current NAFTA uncertainties, and open countless more opportunities for trade cost savings. She encourages every business to think beyond NAFTA and the anxiety surrounding it. “With or without NAFTA, free trade is possible.”




Move beyond borders. Borderflow Inc. is a Kitchener-based international trade solutions provider specializing in customs brokerage, international trade strategizing and supply chain optimization. Borderflow will be participating in the Greater KW Chamber of Commerce Manufacturing Summit on May 10, 2018 at booth #5.