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What is Duty Recovery?


Duty recovery is collecting overpaid duty on past customs entries. There are many compliant methods to save on customs duty and if one of your past entries qualified for duty savings but was not claimed generally you have four years to request a refund. Think of it like your income taxes. There could be a particular tax deduction you qualify for but if you don't indicate it on your return you won't take advantage of the savings. It would go unclaimed and the Government would not advise you of it (however they would notify you if you owed money). Customs duty is similar, there are many "deductions" or ways to save but we can't give away all those secrets or what would you need us for? Borderflow can take a look at your past entries and investigate all possible recovery methods and apply for a refund on your behalf. Present analysis, past recovery, future savings.

What is the impact to my business?


  • Recover costs you didn't realize were available to you
  • Implement cost savings for future shipments
  • Improve your bottom line/profitability

How can Borderflow Help?


  • Complementary analysis of your shipments going back up to four years to identify recovery opportunities. Request yours today.
  • Make recommendations for any other cost savings initiatives available to your business
  • Request refunds on your behalf and file all necessary documents
  • Implement maintenance plan to ensure no over-payments on future shipments
  • Competitive pricing starting at 20% of refund amount
  • No risk to have us review (no refund = no fee)