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Welcome to Borderflow

With over 15 years experience in customs and international trade and services ranging from trade compliance, customs clearance, border security, duty recovery and more, we can make improvements and service your business no matter the size - whether you're just starting out or a major importer/exporter.

Meet the Founder of Borderflow

Is your business new to moving goods across the border?

We offer a comprehensive set-up for international shipping customized to your needs:

- Become a registered importer/exporter.

- Cost effective customs clearance.

- Meet all customs legal requirements.

- Free comprehensive set-up to start

moving goods cross-border today.

Are you an existing cross-border operation?

We can help enhance your set-up by making improvements and recommendations.

- Save costs (our guarantee!)
- Improve trade compliance.

- Implement innovative systems while

improving efficiency and automation.

- No fee assessment with recommendations.